Young Scientists Conference -

Young Scientists Conference

Already for the 27 rd spring the Faculty of Economics and Management will be hosting young scientists (PhD and Master students) Scientific Conference on EU economy, business and management in the context of global challenges and is inviting to take part in it.

Date: the 17th of May 2024.

Opening of the conference: 10 AM (online with a plenary discussion of scientists).

To access the video, please download AdobeConnect application (Windows or Mac).

Form of participation in the conference: posters. Posters will be published in e. issue of the Conference Proceedings for Young Scientists (requirements are provided below).

Deadline for submission of posters: the 13th of May 2024. Posters will be placed in online platform, conference participants will have access to all papers.

Along with the article, it is necessary to submit a review of the scientific article by scientific supervisor (free form). Articles together with a review by scientific supervisor send to:


conference journal of 2021

conference journal of 2022

conference journal of 2023

The main language of the conference is Lithuanian, but we kindly invite English speakers to participate and take an active part in presenting their discoveries, research and new ideas.

We would also like to offer the opportunity to publish in the international     peer-reviewed scientific journal “Management of Organizations: Systematic Research”, which is registered in international databases. Requirements for articles in this publication can be found at: For more information please write to Edita –

Topics for presentations and discussions:

  • Changes and Trends in the EU Economy;
  • Problems and Solutions of Modern Marketing;
  • Financial Policy and Investment Management: Issues and Solutions;
  • New Trends in Organizational Management.

REGISTRATION TO THE CONFERENCE(deadline is the 10th of May 2024).


Akvilė Karaliūtė