Double Degree -

Double Degree

In order to increase the internationality of studies, promoting mobility in studies, using the multilingual opportunities developed by the university, students of the VMU Faculty of Economics and Management master’s studies have the opportunity to choose double diploma studies.

Double degree studies are conducted together with other foreign universities. In the first academic year, studies are conducted in Lithuania, in the second year of studies, students go to study at a double degree partner university. There is an additional selection of candidates for double degree studies.

Benefits of double degree studies

  • The knowledge provided by the universities of two different countries is acquired;
  • Improving English;
  • Higher education diplomas from two different countries are obtained;
  • The advantage of international experience is gained in the evaluation of employers;
  • Gaining distinction in the labor market due to the possession of a double diploma;
  • It provides an opportunity to get to know the culture of another country, to understand social and economic differences;
  • Personal qualities are developed, new experiences are gained, new acquaintances are made.