Double Degree -

Double Degree

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What is a Double degree?

A double degree programme involves studying towards two university degrees in parallel, at two internationally acclaimed institutions, and completing them in the time that it would take to earn one degree. This means that:

  • You spend the first academic year at your home institution, CBS, and the second academic year at the host institution
  • You satisfy the degree requirements of both institutions
  • You receive two full degrees

Why choose a Double degree?

Why not? The double degree programme is suited to a wide range of interests, but it is particularly relevant for those of you, who plan on a career in organizations which transcend domestic borders. The programme considerably broadens the options and professional horizons available to you as a graduate.

  • For students, who want to challenge themselves academically;
  • The double degree programme is an outstanding opportunity for students seeking not only academic knowledge but also intercultural experience and competence.