Visit the faculty in virtual reality! -

Visit the faculty in virtual reality!

Virtualios realybės turas VDU Ekonomikos ir vadybos fakultete

The importance of virtual reality in modern organizations

While organizations are experimenting with meta worlds, the Faculty of Economics and Management of VMU moved to virtual reality with the help of student Linas Zairis’ company 360 angle.

“This is not an experimental toy, on the contrary, it is a necessity these days, in order to create a close relationship with current, future, and former members and partners of the faculty community, especially those who do not have the opportunity to visit the faculty live” – says the vice-dean of the faculty Assoc. Dr. Justin Kisieliauskas. Along with the possibility of a virtual tour, during which you can visit all the faculty’s auditoriums, the offices of the dean, vice-deans, and teachers, the social network accounts of the faculty, informative fragments of the website, and the official shop of the faculty’s paraphernalia are conveniently presented and integrated into virtual reality.

What’s more, the virtual tour also includes gaming elements, which L. Zairys connected with the virtual VDU Faculty of Economics and Management influencer Vidukas’ persona. “We have integrated this function exclusively for the young audience – schoolchildren, for whom we offer to get to know the faculty through the prism of the game,” said Dr. Assoc. J. Kisieliauskas. According to L. Zair: “Using the currently extremely popular style of the 90s and a time limit, players are offered to find all the virtual tokens scattered around the faculty.”

Those who want to try a virtual tour of the VMU Faculty of Economics and Management, please visit here.