GIFFT Project Ignites Sustainable Innovation in European Glass Industry -

GIFFT Project Ignites Sustainable Innovation in European Glass Industry

VDUevf projektas tvari europos stiklo pramone

On October 12, 2023, Brussels, marks the official commencement of the GIFFT project, a European Union-funded initiative aimed at transforming the glass industry’s sustainability landscape. Held at the Lithuanian Research Development and Innovation Liaison Office in Brussels, the kick-off meeting signifies the beginning of a collaborative effort to revolutionize glass manufacturing.

A Vision for Sustainable Glass Manufacturing

Europe leads in glass production, but the industry’s high energy consumption and CO2 emissions present challenges. GIFFT aims to overcome these hurdles by developing a groundbreaking heat production technology. Utilizing plasma-assisted combustion and gasification systems, the project will integrate bio-based solutions, such as biomass and waste, into glass manufacturing processes.

Kick-Off Meeting Highlights

The kick-off meeting for the GIFFT project marked a promising start with welcoming remarks from the project coordinator Dr. Nerijus Striūgas. Project Officer Javier Sanchez Lopez provided a thorough overview, detailing the project’s structure and objectives. Work package leaders presented insights into concept development, gasification, and combustion system plans, highlighting the project’s multifaceted approach. The meeting laid a strong foundation for collaborative efforts among partners, setting the stage for GIFFT’s pursuit of sustainable innovation in the glass industry.

Powerful Partnerships Driving Change

  • LEI (Lietuvos Energetikos Institutas), Lithuania – Coordinator
  • CTH (Chalmers Tekniska Hogskola AB), Sweden
  • TUM (Technische Universitaet Muenchen), Germany
  • VMU (Vytauto Didziojo Universitetas), Lithuania
  • WIP (WIP Renewable Energies) Germany
  • PS (JSC Panevezio Stiklas), Lithuania
  • SHU (Sheffield Hallam University), United Kingdom
  • SCHOTT AG, Germany
  • PlasmaAir AG, Germany

These entities will collaboratively develop and validate innovative technologies to create a sustainable, hybrid, and biofuel-flexible heat production system for the glass industry.

Coordinator contact:

Dr. Nerijus Striūgas, Chief of Laboratory of Combustion Processes, E-Mail:

Tel: +370 37 401877