"Erasmus+" Traineeship Competition -

“Erasmus+” Traineeship Competition

All[1] full-time degree students who want to participate in the competition for Erasmus+ student or Erasmus+ recent graduate traineeship scholarships should submit their application documents until the 22nd of April, 2018.

Application Documents:

  • application form;
  • confirmation of the host organization / enterprise (according to the International Cooperation Department’s confirmed form);
  • recommendation of the faculty member (only for recent graduates traineeship).

Selection Criteria[2]:

  • student’s motivation;
  • good knowledge of the language which will be used during the traineeship;
  • student’s work, study, traineeship, participation in the international / academic projects, social activities experience in Lithuania and abroad;
  • conformability between the chosen traineeship and student’s study programme;
  • study results (first year master degree students should attach transcript of records of their bachelor / master degree to the application form).

Priority is given:

  • to students whom placement is an obligatory part of their study programme;
  • to students who have never been Erasmus traineeship student before.

Placement period – from 2 to 4 months (the latest date of the ending: for student traineeship – 21/09/2018, for recent graduates – in a year after graduation).

Competition results will be sent to every participant via e-mail as well as published in the VMU web site on the 3th of May, 2018. For more information please visit VMU webpage www.vdu.lt/en/studies/internships/erasmus-traineeships/.

[1] Only the last year students (except those, who are finishing their studies in January, 2018) can participate in the competition for Erasmus+ recent graduate traineeship scholarships. Students, who have already used more than 10 months of their Erasmus studies and traineeship mobility in the study cycle they are studying now, cannot participate in the competition. Non EU citizens must acquire TRP or RP before the start of the recent graduate traineeship.

[2] Upon faculties decision there might be some extra criteria added or/ and criteria prioritized. For more information please contact international relations coordinator in your faculty.

*Students with disabilities or special needs are eligible for extra funding to cover extra cost occurring (due to disability or special need) during the mobility. Please contact the coordinator.