Creative Business and Innovation Design -

Creative Business and Innovation Design

Main aim of the program is to prepare professional organizations and business developers, managers and creators of innovations, familiar with the latest methods and models of organization creation and management, capable of creating and implementing value-creating social and business ideas, and initiating changes and innovations in the national and global environment, characterized by entrepreneurial competencies, having a systemic attitude, analytical and creative thinking.

The program is based on the Entrepreneurship Competence Framework “EntreComp” 15 entrepreneurial competence development model approved by the European Commission, the EQ-Thinking model (Experience-Create-Act), and the mentoring model, with students participating in a personal growth program. Studies are organized every semester by implementing a practical project, working in interdisciplinary teams in a strategic social partnership between universities, business and the local community, based on long-term and targeted efforts and attempts to solve various social, economic, scientific or technological problems. The program will be organized together with “Junior Achievement” and over 80 partner and social organizations.

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Duration of studies: 3 years
Language: Lithuanian
Form of studies: full-time
Study fee: state-financed and non-financed studies
Scholarships and other financial support: scholarships, tax credits, other support
Degree awarded: Bachelor of Business Management
Place of execution: VMU Faculty of Economics and Management, K. Donelaičio St. 52, Kaunas

Detailed information of the study program: Bachelor of Business administration