Vytautas Magnus University faculty of Economics and Management (VMU FEM) is one of the best internationally acclaimed schools of Economics and Management in Lithuania. Faculty was ranked by EDUNIVERSAL as excellent Business School in 2018 and received 3 palmes award, which means that faculty is nationally strong and aligned with other 700 best business schools in the world. VMU FEM is an energetic and vibrant intellectual community and stays in the spotlight as one of the leading schools of economics due to its success at coordinating theory and practice, studies and research nationally and internationally.

The VMU Faculty of Economics and Management is one of the best internationally acclaimed schools of economics and management in Lithuania. The international network of higher education schools EDUNIVERSAL has evaluated 7000 universities around the world and selected 1000 of them as providers of the best studies of business administration and management.

The faculty offers studies at three levels – Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral – while the study programmes pull in the brightest Lithuanian high school graduates. Also functioning at the faculty is the Business Consulting and Continuous Education Center, which also accepts admissions to various learning programmes, ranging from short specialized courses to Master’s degree studies of management and administration.


  • approx. 1000 students
  • approx. 40 teachers and research fellows

Exchange Opportunities

One-semester studies at the universities in Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Latvia, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey by Erasmus+ exchange programme and by VMU Bilateral collaborative agreements. Two-semester studies at one of the member universities of Campus Europae. Students may gain practical experience by making use of Erasmus work placement program in enterprises and organisations in all EU countries as well as in Island, Norway, Lichtenstein, Turkey and Switzerland.