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The international week has ended at the Faculty of Economics and Management of VMU. Lecturers from all over the world visited and gave lectures during it. Among the guests, you can meet scientists from the Philippines, Turkey, Mauritius, India, as well as Turkey, Portugal, Spain, Georgia, Ukraine and other countries.

 Ernst & Young lanko VDU Ekonomikos ir vadybos fakultetą

An engaging and meaningful meeting with representatives of the international audit company “Ernst & Young” took place at the Faculty of Economics and Management of Vytautas Magnus University.

The guest visit not only gave the students the opportunity to get acquainted with the company’s activities, but also allowed them to get to know the various career prospects offered by this company. During the afternoon event, students had the opportunity not only to interact with the guests, but also to learn more about the various job positions, knowledge and skills needed to join an international team.

What’s more, during the event, various entertainment and information sessions were organized, providing students with even more information about the company’s activities and the opportunities offered. Some participants managed to receive valuable job offers, which showed that this partnership was not only informative, but also practically meaningful.

You can see more moments of the meeting recorded by Jonas Petronis by visiting the Facebook page of the Faculty of Economics and Management.DU Ekonomikos ir vadybos fakultete vyksta Eurolygos savaitė

Traditionally, in the middle of January, first-years of MBA studies in Sports Business Management, conducted jointly with the Euroleague Basketball Institute, gather at the Faculty of Economics and Management for the second live session.

After the first day, when the students defended their coursework, their week will include educational tours of the various sports infrastructures in the city of Kaunas, an all-day familiarization with the Kaunas Žalgiris organization and the managers of various team departments, representatives of the sports business world from the Lithuanian Basketball Federation, the Lithuanian Football Federation , lectures of the Lithuanian Volleyball Federation and others.

The live session in Kaunas will be crowned on Friday evening, when students will watch the Euroleague matches in the arena, not only as spectators, but also as organizers.

You can find out more about Sports Business Management studies here.

VDUevf projektas tvari europos stiklo pramone

On October 12, 2023, Brussels, marks the official commencement of the GIFFT project, a European Union-funded initiative aimed at transforming the glass industry’s sustainability landscape. Held at the Lithuanian Research Development and Innovation Liaison Office in Brussels, the kick-off meeting signifies the beginning of a collaborative effort to revolutionize glass manufacturing.

A Vision for Sustainable Glass Manufacturing

Europe leads in glass production, but the industry’s high energy consumption and CO2 emissions present challenges. GIFFT aims to overcome these hurdles by developing a groundbreaking heat production technology. Utilizing plasma-assisted combustion and gasification systems, the project will integrate bio-based solutions, such as biomass and waste, into glass manufacturing processes.

Kick-Off Meeting Highlights

The kick-off meeting for the GIFFT project marked a promising start with welcoming remarks from the project coordinator Dr. Nerijus Striūgas. Project Officer Javier Sanchez Lopez provided a thorough overview, detailing the project’s structure and objectives. Work package leaders presented insights into concept development, gasification, and combustion system plans, highlighting the project’s multifaceted approach. The meeting laid a strong foundation for collaborative efforts among partners, setting the stage for GIFFT’s pursuit of sustainable innovation in the glass industry.

Powerful Partnerships Driving Change

  • LEI (Lietuvos Energetikos Institutas), Lithuania – Coordinator
  • CTH (Chalmers Tekniska Hogskola AB), Sweden
  • TUM (Technische Universitaet Muenchen), Germany
  • VMU (Vytauto Didziojo Universitetas), Lithuania
  • WIP (WIP Renewable Energies) Germany
  • PS (JSC Panevezio Stiklas), Lithuania
  • SHU (Sheffield Hallam University), United Kingdom
  • SCHOTT AG, Germany
  • PlasmaAir AG, Germany

These entities will collaboratively develop and validate innovative technologies to create a sustainable, hybrid, and biofuel-flexible heat production system for the glass industry.

Coordinator contact:

Dr. Nerijus Striūgas, Chief of Laboratory of Combustion Processes, E-Mail: Nerijus.Striugas@lei.lt

Tel: +370 37 401877

Eurolygos Final 4 renginys Kaune

On May 18-21, Kaunas hosts the EuroLeague Final Four, the biggest basketball tournament in Europe. The Faculty of Economics and Management of the VMU, conducting the Sports Business Management MBA studies together with the Euroleague Basketball Institute, is an active participant in this event, as it is every year.

The teachers, together with the students of the program, participate in various presentations prepared by the top managers of the Euroleague organization. Reports are read by Euroleague head M. Glickman, Euroleague Coaches Council head G. Sasic, Sheridans partner D. Geey, Eurohoops co-owner A. Barkas and others.

Discussions, excursions and observation of the whole event from the perspective of both the fan and the organizer make the students of the program feel the realities of sports management.

This year, International Staff Week is held on April 24-28. The event brings together 140 professors and experts from 43 countries to share knowledge and experience, network, and develop new collaborations.

During this week, professors give classes to VMU students, experts attend a series of presentations and discussions covering a wide range of topics: Keeping ties with international alumni; International students integration: challenges and good practices; Recruitment tools to attract international students; Promotion of mobility possibilities for outgoing students and staff and more.

The programme also includes a Joint Mobility Office meeting organized by the Transform4Europe Alliance. The participants share their experiences and insights on student mobility procedures, including blended intensive programmes, funding opportunities, IT tools for managing mobilities, etc.

The International Staff Week programme is designed to be interactive and engaging, with plenty of opportunities for participants to connect with one another and share ideas. In addition to formal sessions, there are social events, such as guided excursions to Kaunas and Vilnius, introduction to the Lithuanian language, folk music and dances, and food fair, that allow participants to experience the local culture and connect on a more personal level.

Programme 2023

Find out how it was last year

Virtualios realybės turas VDU Ekonomikos ir vadybos fakultete

The importance of virtual reality in modern organizations

While organizations are experimenting with meta worlds, the Faculty of Economics and Management of VMU moved to virtual reality with the help of student Linas Zairis’ company 360 angle.

“This is not an experimental toy, on the contrary, it is a necessity these days, in order to create a close relationship with current, future, and former members and partners of the faculty community, especially those who do not have the opportunity to visit the faculty live” – says the vice-dean of the faculty Assoc. Dr. Justin Kisieliauskas. Along with the possibility of a virtual tour, during which you can visit all the faculty’s auditoriums, the offices of the dean, vice-deans, and teachers, the social network accounts of the faculty, informative fragments of the website, and the official shop of the faculty’s paraphernalia are conveniently presented and integrated into virtual reality.

What’s more, the virtual tour also includes gaming elements, which L. Zairys connected with the virtual VDU Faculty of Economics and Management influencer Vidukas’ persona. “We have integrated this function exclusively for the young audience – schoolchildren, for whom we offer to get to know the faculty through the prism of the game,” said Dr. Assoc. J. Kisieliauskas. According to L. Zair: “Using the currently extremely popular style of the 90s and a time limit, players are offered to find all the virtual tokens scattered around the faculty.”

Those who want to try a virtual tour of the VMU Faculty of Economics and Management, please visit here.

VDU ekonomikos ir vadybos fakulteto studentai išbando įtraukųjį krepšinį

On January 16-20, the VMU Faculty of Economics and Management hosted a live session of the master’s study program “Sports Business Management”, one of the traditions of which is a friendly basketball tournament.

However, instead of the usual basketball, the students were in for a surprise. Representatives of the Lithuanian integrated sports association and members of the Lithuanian wheelchair basketball team offered to try inclusive basketball.

“Students expected to play basketball at the V. Adamkaus Sports Center, but when they got there, a surprise awaited them – representatives of the Lithuanian Integrated Sports Association and members of the Lithuanian wheelchair basketball team, with the president of the Lithuanian Disabled Sports Federation Kęstutis Skučas and playing coach Vytautas Skučas, were waiting for them in the hall of the VDU sports center. Students played inclusive basketball together with the disabled,” says Dr. Mantautas Račkauskas.

There were tons of emotions in the competition, but not the competitiveness of the unusual competition format, but the determination and combativeness of the Lithuanian wheelchair basketball team left no one indifferent.

Sporto verslo vadyba Magistro studijos Eurolyga

On the afternoon of January 20, another generation of graduates of the “Sports Business Management” study program run by the VMU Faculty of Economics and Management and the Euroleague Basketball Institute threw their academic caps into the air in the amphitheater of the Žalgiris Arena in Kaunas.

The graduates of the program were congratulated by VMU Faculty of Economics and Management Dean R. Bendaravičienė, Vice-Dean M. Račkauskas, Kaunas “Žalgiris” General Director P. Motiejūnas, as well as M. Ferreira, representative of the Euroleague Basketball Institute.

Among the master’s theses defended, it was possible to find the topics of sponsoring sports organizations, financing sports events, sustainability of sports arenas, creating mediating platforms for the sports market, and other topics. After an intensive session in Kaunas, the students who defended their master’s theses were happy with the knowledge they had acquired during their studies and the friendships they had established, and their evening was crowned by the victory of Kaunas “Žalgiris” against Belgrade “Crvena Zvezda” in a packed arena.

The unique study program, the partner of which the Euroleague Basketball Institute chose the Faculty of Economics and Management of the VMU, already has its fifth generation of graduates this year. More information about the program can be found here.

We are happy to announce that the VMU Faculty of Economics and Management has become a full member of the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) organization.

Founded in 1972, EFMD is a global, non-profit, membership-driven organisation dedicated to management development. It is recognised globally as an accreditation body for business schools, business school programmes, and corporate universities. Their mission is to act as a catalyst to promote and enhance excellence in management development globally.

With a network of 30,000 management professionals from academia, business, public service, and consultancies, EFMD plays a central role in shaping the global approach to management education and provides a unique forum for information, research, networking, and debate on innovation and best practice.

EFMD is a network for schools and companies that aim to develop socially responsible leaders and managers looking for opportunities to connect. Alongside organisation emphasises on educational standards for management education, and firmly believes in bringing companies and academic institutions together and works towards facilitating and strengthening exchanges between the two.

VDU Ekonomikos ir vadybos fakulteto neuromarketingo laboratorija

Neuromarketing laboratory researcher dr. V. Grigaliūnaitė demonstrates the capabilities of the devices

The neuromarketing laboratory established at the Faculty of Economics and Management at the Vytautas Magnus University has received new equipment that allows us to find out not only what a person says, but also what he does or even feels.

Neuromarketing research has been conducted at the faculty since 2014. The laboratory uses the latest physical and software equipment for neuromarketing research:

  • electroencephalograph (EEG), which allows to evaluate cognitive processes occurring in response to a marketing stimulus;
  • eye-tracking glasses and stationary eye-tracking equipment, which allow analyzing the trajectory and intensity of users’ visual attention to both marketing stimuli presented on the computer screen and marketing stimuli presented in the environment (outdoor advertisements, placement of goods on store shelves, etc. );
  • an emotion recording system (face reader), which allows analyzing the change of emotions as a response to the presented marketing stimulus;
  • equipment for measuring electrical conductivity of the skin (English GSR), which allows to assess the level of emotional arousal as a response to a marketing stimulus.

The laboratory also conducts an implicit association test (Implicit Association Test), which evaluates the strength of implicit associations between the presented concepts, thus allowing to determine a person’s attitude towards the analyzed object. Given the fact that a person is not always able (besides, not always willing) to explain his behavior, these technologies help to assess users’ cognitive processes, attitude, course of visual attention, time, level of excitement, emotions in a more detailed, accurate and objective manner. Undoubtedly, according to laboratory researcher dr. V. Grigaliūnaitė, in order to comprehensively evaluate consumer behavior as a response to a marketing stimulus, several neuromarketing research methods are combined (e.g. gaze tracking and an emotion measurement system helps to determine which specific element in a visual marketing stimulus causes a certain emotion) with usual marketing research methods (quantitative and qualitative). These interdisciplinary studies, when appropriate neuromarketing and conventional marketing research methods are integrated, allow conducting research of high scientific and practical value even now in Lithuania.

We are happy to announce that from now on you will find the Faculty of Economics and Management of VMU in new, modern premises. The administration of the faculty, the teachers will work and the whole life of the faculty will take place in K. Donelaičio str. 52, on the top floor of the building.

As the representatives of the faculty say: “it was obvious that the community, which cherishes the values of openness, freedom and dynamism, has outgrown the premises of the former central building of VMU, which requested modernization. When the opportunity arose, the community unanimously accepted the possibility of change, as a result of which they decided to jointly create a new step in the life of faculty of VMU Economics and Management”.

It is said that from next semester, most of the classes organized by the faculty should take place in the new spaces.

parama ukrainai


Vytautas Magnus University (VMU), continuing the initiative dedicated to the support of Eastern Partnership countries, has extended a helping hand to the Ukrainians. In 2020, VMU established a support fund dedicated to students who suffered from repression by the Belarusian government. Now, this fund will also support students who suffered from military operations in Ukraine. The university is also prepared to welcome students and lecturers who are fleeing from war in Ukraine. Like other higher education schools in Lithuania, VMU has terminated relations with higher education institutions of Russia and Belarus.

Everyone is welcome to donate to the support fund for the Ukrainians: businesses, the public and individual persons. The received funds are used for scholarships to the Ukrainians who come to study at VMU: the support covers their expenses on studies, accommodation, and settlement. If needed, these funds may also cover the students’ subsistence expenses.

“We must not stand on the sidelines as the horrors of war are taking place so close to us. We ask everyone who is not indifferent to human suffering and supports democratic and humanistic values to donate to this fund. Our support is very important to people who have been affected by war and the political situation. The donated money will reach the members of academic community in Ukraine and the incoming students who need it the most. We express strong support to communities of our partner universities in Ukraine”, VMU Vice-Rector for Communication, Assoc. Prof. Vilma Bijeikienė said.

As a way to show its support of the Ukrainian government and people, in response to the recent events, the university is also prepared welcome up to 400 students and up to 50 lecturers or researchers who are fleeing the war. The graduates of VMU also contribute to the support of the Ukrainian citizens in various ways.

Currently, 87 citizens of Ukraine are studying at VMU. Ukraine is an important partner of VMU: as part of the Erasmus+ program, VMU cooperates with 10 Ukrainian universities, while bilateral agreements have been signed with 30 other higher education schools.

Since 2013, in order to contribute to the consolidation of democracy, Vytautas Magnus Unviersity has been paying special attention to students of the Eastern Partnership countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. Each year, 20–40 students from these countries receive scholarships.

We invite natural and legal persons to contribute to the support fund dedicated to students who have suffered from state repression. The donors may provide students from Ukraine with financial support or their own products or services; they may also create the conditions for the students to do paid internship at their companies or organizations, thus providing the students with possibilities to live independently during their studies in Lithuania.

The funds for this project can be transferred to the following account of AB SEB Bank:

LT41 7044 0600 0284 8638
Beneficiary’s name: Vytauto Didžiojo universitetas
Payment description: Support for students from Ukraine


We invite companies to present job or internship offers to the Ukrainian academic community by email: karjera@vdu.lt


We invite you to sign a petition organized by the Ukrainian World Congress. The petition, which aims to stop war crimes, can be found here.

More information: academic.support@vdu.lt

Sporto vadybos studentai susigrūmė su VDU krepšinio rinktine

Final moments of VMU EBI and VMU basketball team game

Vytautas Magnus University together with the Euroleague Institute conducts exceptional MBA studies in Sports Business Management. Every January a live study session takes place in Kaunas.

During the session, the students of the program gathered in Kaunas from all over the world to listen to exclusive presentations of sports business professionals, get acquainted with the principles of Kaunas Žalgiris organization and Žalgiris arena, observe the basketball competitions and behind the scenes of Žalgiris arena, try various cultural, educational and entertainment activities.

One of such activities this year was the professional basketball competition organized at the new Vytautas Magnus University President Valdas Adamkus Sports Center. Sports Business Management students, adorned with a basketball t-shirt marked with their names, competed with the Vytautas Magnus University basketball team. Although there was little of intrigue, emotions were heated by every referee’s whistle and the performance of VMU basketball dancers.

Tired but happy – these were the students of the Vytautas Magnus University and EBI Sports Business Management Program who shared their impressions after the competition. Later the discussions about studies and competitions moved to the spaces of Žalgiris Arena.

Already for the 24th spring the Faculty of Economics and Management will be hosting young scientists (PhD and Master students) Scientific Conference on “Processes and Tendencies in the EU Economics, Finance and Business” and is inviting to take part in it.

Date: the 12th of May, 2021.

Opening of the conference: 10 AM, Lithuanian time (online with a plenary discussion of scientists).

Click here to join the conference

Speakers of plenary discussion:

  • Head of the Policy analysis and review group of the European Commission Representation in Lithuania Laimutė Pilukaitė, presentation title: „Brexit happened. Change is coming“;
  • Lecturer of Vytautas Magnus University, Faculty of Economics and Management dr. Viktorija Starkauskienė, presentation title: „The economics of happiness and reasons for the happiness of the countries according to United Nations happiness index“.

Form of participation in the conference: posters. Posters will be published in e. issue of the Conference Proceedings for Young Scientists (requirements are provided below).

Deadline for submission of posters: the 9th of May, 2021. Posters will be placed in online platform, conference participants will have access to all papers.


The main language of the conference is Lithuanian, but we kindly invite English speakers to participate and take an active part in presenting their discoveries, research and new ideas.

We would also like to offer the opportunity to publish in the international     peer-reviewed scientific journal “Management of Organizations: Systematic Research”, which is registered in international databases. Requirements for articles in this publication can be found at: https://content.sciendo.com/view/journals/mosr/mosr-overview.xml For more information please write to Edita – edita.eiciuviene@vdu.lt

Topics for presentations and discussions:

  • Changes and Trends in the EU Economy;
  • Problems and Solutions of Modern Marketing;
  • Financial Policy and Investment Management: Issues and Solutions;
  • New Trends in Organizational Management.

REGISTRATION TO THE CONFERENCE (deadline is the 5th of May, 2021).



Gintarė Leckė

Email: gintare.lecke@vdu.lt

Already for the 27 rd spring the Faculty of Economics and Management will be hosting young scientists (PhD and Master students) Scientific Conference on EU economy, business and management in the context of global challenges and is inviting to take part in it.

Date: the 17th of May 2024.

Opening of the conference: 10 AM (online with a plenary discussion of scientists).

To access the video, please download AdobeConnect application (Windows or Mac).

Form of participation in the conference: posters. Posters will be published in e. issue of the Conference Proceedings for Young Scientists (requirements are provided below).

Deadline for submission of posters: the 13th of May 2024. Posters will be placed in online platform, conference participants will have access to all papers.

Along with the article, it is necessary to submit a review of the scientific article by scientific supervisor (free form). Articles together with a review by scientific supervisor send to: laura.laurinaityte@vdu.lt


conference journal of 2021

conference journal of 2022

conference journal of 2023

The main language of the conference is Lithuanian, but we kindly invite English speakers to participate and take an active part in presenting their discoveries, research and new ideas.

We would also like to offer the opportunity to publish in the international     peer-reviewed scientific journal “Management of Organizations: Systematic Research”, which is registered in international databases. Requirements for articles in this publication can be found at: https://content.sciendo.com/view/journals/mosr/mosr-overview.xml. For more information please write to Edita – edita.eiciuviene@vdu.lt.

Topics for presentations and discussions:

  • Changes and Trends in the EU Economy;
  • Problems and Solutions of Modern Marketing;
  • Financial Policy and Investment Management: Issues and Solutions;
  • New Trends in Organizational Management.

REGISTRATION TO THE CONFERENCE(deadline is the 10th of May 2024).


Akvilė Karaliūtė

Email: akvile.karaliute@vdu.lt

Vytautas Magnus University Faculty of Economics and Management (VMU FEM) was recognized by the international business schools ranking organisation “Eduniversal” for the fifth year in a row.


Faculty of Economics and Management was evaluated as excellent business school by “Eduniversal” and for the fifth time received 3 Palmes Award – Excellent Business School with reinforcing international influence, which means that faculty is nationally strong and aligned with other 700 best business schools in the world.

The aim of “Eduniversal” business universities’ ranking is to objectively compare various business and management schools around the world. The ranking helps for students and academic staff to choose university for studies and work as well. There are 1000 business schools from 154 countries all over the world, which are evaluated by “Eduniversal”, using a system of ranks called palms. The selection methodology for the classification of palms and ratings is based on each of the business schools’ influence on three levels: international recognition, determined by accreditations, memberships and international regional and local rankings; international awareness, determined by the votes of Deans and Directors; and the suggestions from the members of the International Scientific Community.

“Eduniversal” Award Ceremony 2018:

Published: https://www.euroleague.net/ebinstitute/news/i/a3f7vkxpjwiqc7kx/next-class-of-sports-business-mba-tips-off-in-barcelona

The 2019-21 class of the Sports Business MBA by EB Institute, delivered in collaboration with Vytautas Magnus University, began their studies last week with the first in-person session at Euroleague Basketball headquarters in Barcelona, Spain. Twenty-two students from 12 different countries started their 16-month journey by participating in the tip-off meeting.

Rita Bendaraviciene, Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Management at Vytautas Magnus University, welcomed the students in the opening session. The students were then introduced to the program structure, grading system and timetable and were trained on the e-learning platform. They were also introduced to the six online modules by the respective module leaders and received a detailed explanation about the requirements for their term paper.

Aside from the academic introduction, students had the opportunity to ask questions in a roundtable discussion with Jordi Bertomeu, Euroleague Basketball President and CEO, and to participate in team-building activities and solve several case studies in groups, which were given by the 12 Euroleague Basketball executives who delivered the presentations. Among them were Roser Queralto, Chief Business Officer, who spoke about event strategy; Eduard J. Scott, Chief Operations Officer, who gave a presentation about basketball operations; Jose Luis Rosa-Medina, Senior Director, Corporate Partnerships & Licensing, who talked about stakeholders in sports; Luca Scafati, Director of Business Operations, who introduced BOCS to the students; and Abi Martin, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility and Development Projects, who addressed the importance and growth of the One Team Project to the Euroleague Basketball community.

“Having worked with the Euroleague Basketball organization before as a participant in the league, the Sports Business MBA studies allow an inside look at the other side of the fence,” said Rokas Mickevicius, Director of Marketing & Communication for AS Monaco Basket. “In other words, it introduces and gives knowledge not only about the principles and standards this organization implements in its work, but also it gives a wider understanding of what a modern sports organization is and how it should be operated in order to reach success on and off the field.”

Maria Kourtali, sponsorship manager of Onside added, “It was a unique experience that offered us a generic scope of the modules and allowed us to have a deeper insight into Euroleague Basketball.”

“I was pleasantly surprised by the entire organization from EuroLeague Basketball and the University,” said Lutz Heck, Business Account manager at FC Bayern Basketball. “I just felt welcome and it was super easy to get in touch with the other students and professors because all of them were friendly and open. It was clear that all of us want to make progress with this MBA. The first session showed me that my decision to do the MBA was absolutely right.”

The inaugural class of the Sports Business MBA by EB Institute proved a resounding success after 16 months’ worth of hard work and scholarship that culminated in mid-January with graduation ceremonies at Vytautas Magnus University in Kaunas, Lithuania.

The last of four in-person sessions in the MBA program saw all students defend their final theses in front of a commission, led by Rita Bendaraviciene, the university’s Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Management, that included all six module leaders and a Euroleague Basketball representative.

Thus culminated a unique learning process that had begun at Euroleague Basketball headquarters in Barcelona back in September of 2017, with the students embedded over a week in the day-to-day operations of a major international private sports league. The first session introduced the course modules of Sports Business, Sports Marketing and Sports Communication and included a roundtable discussion with Jordi Bertomeu, Euroleague Basketball President and CEO.

The students, who hail from all over Europe, North America and Africa, came together again for five days in January of 2018 at Vytautas Magnus University for in-person classes to augment their ongoing instruction on-line. Two of those days were spent on lectures from Zalgiris Kaunas senior management and site inspections at Zalgirio Arena, among Europe’s most-advanced sports and entertainment venues.

Their next stop was last spring’s Turkish Airlines EuroLeague Final Four in Belgrade, Serbia, where in addition to going behind the scenes at a major international sporting event in real time, they received lectures from 11 high-profile industry leaders from companies such as AEG, Spalding, Special Olympics, IMG and Desigual. This month, back in Kaunas, their thesis topics ranged from co-branding to IOT ecosystems and event management in developing countries, with each having been developed over months under the guidance of a supervisor, true to the individual counselling ethos of the program.

“Vytautas Magnus University and Euroleague Basketball did an outstanding job to raise this MBA degree programme to the highest level,” new graduate Juste Ivaskeviciute said. “Things got very serious from the first weeks. But that is why now it feels so rewarding. It is my sixth year in the sports business field, but the theoretical insights provided by the professionals and industry leaders were unique and inspired to look at my work from different angles.”

The unique mix of professionals from the academic and sports words, including stakeholders from industry, leagues and federations, made the first Sports Business MBA by EB Institute a truly ground-breaking endeavor. The second class of the program is currently underway and actively preparing a new group of international students for success in sports business.

“Starting with the second generation, we will convey additional sports business knowledge from six guest professors from La Salle URL, University of Bologna, University Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne, as well as from six industry experts from global companies like Desigual, FC Bayern Munich, Adidas, NBA, Nike, German National Anti-Doping Agency,” Dean Bendaraviciene said. “All this mastery is disseminated to an audience from around the world, because of the diverse list of countries of our students, including Canada, Romania, Nigeria, Portugal, Spain, Lithuania, Greece, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Ukraine and Russia. This amount of knowledge, depth of experience and geographic breadth confirms our expertise in sports, academic excellence and 360-degree education.”

Our faculty’s PhD student Khalil Israfilzade attended the Extended Scientific Session of the 5th International Multidisciplinary Scientific Conference on SOCIAL Sciences & Arts, SGEM 2018. This conference happen between the 23-26 of October in Florence, Italy.

This is an annual international event that has high IMPACT FACTOR and is well-known among the scientific world for its extremely professional organization, highly qualified team of managers and scientists.

Student published and presented his article “Can machines paint?”. During these 4 days, the audience was encouraged to give its vote to the best presentations by filling a respective nomination form. As a final result, Khalil’s presentation was among one of the highly evaluated and most nominated presentations and was awarded an Award Certificate and a special Crystal Plaque.

A new class of professionals-in-the-making tipped off the 2018-19 Sports Business MBA by Euroleague Basketball Institute with a week-long opening session that introduced them to the course and gave them a first-hand look at the inner workings of a private international professional sports organization.

The first session of four that the students will have together across 16 months took place at Euroleague Basketball headquarters in Barcelona, Spain, and featured a diverse look at the company’s philosophy and operations.

Students from Greece, Lithuania, Portugal, Russian Federation, Slovenia, Spain and Ukraine hit the ground running with five full days of classes with professors from Vytautas Magnus University in Kaunas, Lithuania, and executives from Euroleague Basketball. Among the enrollees are Okeksiy Yefimov, General Manager of 7DAYS EuroCup club AS Monaco; Apostolos Tsagarakis, Technical Director of the International Swimming League and Ioanna Beriou, Director of Sponsorships & Corporate Communications for Onside.

“I really impressed with the first week of the Sports Business MBA.” said Oleksiy. “It overcame all my expectations. All week long from 9:30 until 6:30 we had a great opportunity not only to listen but also to share opinion and exchange experience with the Euroleague Basketball top management. The lectures and practice sessions that were given by the academicians were great. They have activated all my previous knowledge and let me read and analyze my previous experience totally from a new angle of view.” Iaonna said ”I had an exciting first week into the course! We have a great team of students with multidisciplinary and multicultural backgrounds, combined with an exceptional line-up of teachers made it a great learning experience.”

The opening session began with a welcome by Rita Bendaraviciene, Dean at the Faculty of Economics and Management at Vytautas Magnus University. University professors Giedrius Jucevicius, Vilija Biciunaite, and Ausra Pazeraite introduced, respectively, the sports business, sports communication, and the sports marketing modules of the course, while Renata Legenzova discussed with students their term paper requirements.

A roundtable discussion with Jordi Bertomeu, Euroleague Basketball President and CEO, let the students ask questions about the company. Among the other Euroleague Basketball executives who gave classes, Eduard J. Scott, Chief Operations Officer, focused on the Basketball Operations area; Rowena Younes, Director, Events, spoke about what goes into organizing a EuroLeague Final Four, one of the most significant sports events on the continent; Stephen Dobson, Director, Digital & Content Marketing, addressed the expanding field of sponsored digital content; Jose Luis Rosa-Medina, Senior Director, Corporate Partnerships & Licensing, explained the essential role of stakeholders in sports; Milos Nenadovic, Manager, Business Operations, talked about the evolution of ticketing; Luca Scafati, Director, Business Operations spoke about the EuroLeague Business Operations & Club Services; whilst Yolanda Jaramillo presented the Financial Stability & Fair Play Regulations.

A second session, to be held at the university in January 2018 will include a full day of learning from Zalgiris Kaunas staff at Zalgirio Arena in Kaunas, Lithuania. The students will regroup in May for a week’s worth of classes with specially invited leaders in the sports business industry and behind-the-scenes access at the 2019 Turkish Airlines EuroLeague Final Four in Vitoria Gasteiz, Spain. The closing session brings the class back to Vytautas Magnus University in January 2020 to defend their MBA Thesis during a Viva and celebrate their graduation ceremony in a basketball heartland.

Euroleague Basketball Institute and Vytautas Magnus University have started a New Era in education for the 2018 – 2019 academic year with the new Sports Business MBA by EB Institute. Students will obtain both the systemic understanding and working knowledge of all major areas of contemporary sports business and management: sports business, media and communication, marketing, sports management, economics and finance, law and governance.

Vytautas Magnus University study programmes prepare specialists who are equipped with interdisciplinary knowledge and abilities, analytical and critical thinking, and capability to work in the international market, rather than narrowly specialised graduates who would only meet the short-term demands of today. A liberal arts university with studies based on the Harvard model, it provides an interdisciplinary education as well as competences that are important in the dynamic labour market.

The course awards 90 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) to graduates. The Sports Business MBA uses blended learning, featuring the latest e-learning tools offering maximum flexibility and sustained interaction with professors on a unique 14-month journey, with four in-person sessions complementing this. Throughout the Sports Business MBA, students will interact with academics from Vytautas Magnus University, Euroleague Basketball senior management, academicians from three additional universities, industry experts and industry leaders to create world-class learning opportunities. The guest academicians come from University Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne, the University of Bologna and LaSalle URL and the industry expters from companies such as: FC Bayern Munich, Desigual, German National Anti-Doping Agency, Mozzart, Nike and the NBA.

In September 2018, the first session will take place at Euroleague Basketball’s headquarters in Barcelona, Spain. During five days students will participate in the course introduction, learning educational tools for the e-learning platform, team building sessions, all the while focusing on presentations by Euroleague Basketball Department Directors. For an further insight about the first session please check the following video from the first generation.

In January 2019, the second session will take place on Vytautas Magnus University campus in Kaunas, Lithuania. During five days students will focus on the academic course components, as well as spend a full 2 days visiting Zalgiris Kaunas and the Zalgirio Arena, learning from the club and arena management. Check out the following video.

In May 2019, the third in-person session will take place at 2019 Turkish Airlines EuroLeague Final Four in Vitoria- Gasteiz, Spain. During four days students will go behind the scenes at one of the largest sports events in the world, the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague Final Four. The focus will be on presentations from industry leaders, with past examples from the EBI Master including senior executives from adidas, AEG, ESPN, IMG, NBA, New Era, Spalding, Special Olympics, Turkish Airlines and Twitter to name a few. Check out the following video.

In October 2019, the fourth session will take place on Vytautas Magnus University campus in Kaunas, Lithuania. During three days students will defend their MBA Thesis during a Viva, as well as celebrate a graduation ceremony in the basketball heartland of Lithuania.

All online activities will be hosted on a Moodle platform and for those of you are interested to see the first lesson of the course can find the video recording of that at the following link ready for download: https://we.tl/qLQOv0yNFv Please note that the file exceeds 2GB and make sure you have a relative fast internet connection available before you start the download.

Application is now open – for more information please visit the following link or open the attached pdf leaflet http://www.euroleague.net/ebinstitute/sports-business-mba/introduction

If you made up your mind and want to sign up for the 2018-2019 Sports Business MBA by EB Institute please fill out the online application form at:  http://www.euroleague.net/ebinstitute/sports-business-mba/apply-now

After you have read through all material feel free to check our EB Institute Alumni website and browse through the different profiles. If you would like to talk to any of our EB Institute Alumni with their experiences with the prior EBI Master in Sports Management and Marketing, please let us know. Find the Alumni section at the following link: http://www.euroleague.net/ebinstitute/sports-business-mba/eb-institute-alumni

We also encourage you to check the following hashtag at twitter where you can find information from day 1 of the first-generation students from the Sports Business MBA. Please visit the following link for further information: https://twitter.com/hashtag/SportsBusinessMBA?src=hash

Once you have gathered all information please let us know when it would suit you that we schedule a phone call so that we could discuss the further step of the registration process or if there are any other question that you might have.