European Economy and FinanceDSC_4474

This unique bachelor programme in European economy and finance which is taught entirelly in English was renewed and it starts with a new concept in 2016. It provides students with knowledge in three fields: economics, finance and international studies. All these fields are necessary for specialists working for the European market or in a global level. The program is enriched with external lecturers that comes from other universities or various organizations. The studies includes inteship that is organized abroad.

Area of Studies: Social Sciences
Mode of Studies: Full-time studies
Length of Programme: 4 academic years (240 ECTS)
Name of Qualification: Bachelor in Economics

If you graduate the program you will be able to understand and evaluate the economic development of separate economies and entire European Union; to discuss the importance and necessity of various social and economic policies; to apply modern economic-financial methods for planning and forecasting the performance of companies working within EU and in global markets; to employ economic-financial analysis tools for decision making.

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